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Min. Celestine Chambers

Module 1

Four Ways to Study the Bible
The Books of the Bible

Module 3


Newcomers Orientation Class




Welcome to The Ministry of Love's Newcomers Orientation Class!  This class is designed for members who are unable to attend the sessions weekly at the physical location and eMembers who desire to be in covenant with The Ministry of Love with Dr. Bridget Steib as their spiritual covering. 

Your successful completion of this class will grant the opportunity to serve in many leadership capacities.  Volunteering your time and gifts are always appreciated.  Browse the various areas of ministry in order to discover where you believe Holy Spirit is leading you to assist.

I am your instructor for this class and my name is Min. Celestine Chambers.  Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via telephone or email. My office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm.  I may be contacted at or on 225-356-2713.

We look forward to seeing you grow in the Word and favor of God!

In His Grace,

Min. Celestine, Chambers

Module 2

The Lordship of Christ
The Authority of the Word
Water Baptism

Module 4

Laying on of Hands
The Resurrection
Eternal Judgement
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