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Dean of School
Reverend Ella Herring

Ministry of Love School of Ministry





The Ministry of Love School of Ministry firmly believes the Word of God is to be taught three ways:  simply, boldly and accurately.  Simply meaning, the Word of God is to be taught at a level where you can properly apply Godly principles to your everyday life.  It i only through the revelation knowledge of the scriptures can your inner reflection be shown on the outside.


The Ministry of Love School of Ministry's method of instruction includes:

  • all scripture text will be taken from the King James version of the Bible

  • instructor lesson plans will be reviewed and approved

  • a course outline from each instructor will be distributed




The Ministry of Love of Baton Rouge, Inc. School of Ministry is uniquely and divinely designed by God to equip the student (whom has been called by God into the five-fold ministry according to Ephesians 4:11) to effectively operate in the home, community, state and nation (Acts 1:8).  Each student will learn through the teaching of the Holy Spirit, to become sensitive, alert and readily available to be used by God to make an impact that will change the lives of people forever.




This institution soundly believes in an open door policy.  We will not reject any application based on race, creed, color or educational background.


If you have any questions or would like information on enrollment, please feel free to contact us on 225-356-2713 and speak with the Dean of School, Rev. Ella Herring.

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