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#THELOVEMOVEMENT is a progressive campaign designed to eradicate the personal judgement of all people and replace it with the expression of loving all mankind. Someone's religious, political and social beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, skin color or familial status does not give us the right nor the platform to cast judgement.


It is not our job, as a people to JUDGE because we are ALL PEOPLE.  WE ALL have imperfections.  We know what the other is capable of doing because we are capable of doing it ourselves.  Therefore, one human cannot be greater than the other no matter their "title".


We are commanded to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  Now, in order to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, we must first know WHAT LOVE IS AND HOW TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  It is apparent that some are not aware and that is okay!  Through this movement, we will exemplify LOVE.  We will LIVE IN LOVE.  BREATHE LOVE.  EXERCISE LOVE. STRETCH LOVE. RECEIVE LOVE. But most of all GIVE LOVE.


You will see videos that will serve as examples.  There will be dramatizations held at local assemblies across the country to demonstrate love.  We are receiving overwhelming responses through our social media campaign that proves people are being helped. These examples are changing lives and minds.  It is time that we take this a step further and show America and the world what true love looks like!

Newton's Third Law of Physics states, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  This statement means that there is a pair of forces at work.  The size of the force in the first object is equal to that of the second object - and forces ALWAYS come in pairs. I believe it is safe to say that "hate" is a force.  "Hate" has various levels and dynamics, but overall - we call it "hate".  The opposing force to "hate" is "love" and includes just as many facets and dynamics also.  Therefore, the only way we can see an equal and opposite reaction is to generate more LOVE.  The awesomely unique quality about LOVE is that it is the greatest force in the universe because it conquers and covers ALL.  The presence of TRUE LOVE breaks through the stoniest of hearts.


We like to think love is weak and mushy and so timid.  That is a common misconception. Newton's Third Law of Physics just disproved that!  If love is the opposite of hate and it is pretty strong; LOVE IS AT THE VERY LEAST EQUALLY AS STRONG.


Join #THELOVEMOVEMENT!  We need your support

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